Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I just want to be a hero...

I've fallen in love.

Actually, I've been in love for the past few months....with the hit NBC show Heroes that iscourse. I watched the season finale today with my roommate. It's our Tuesday tradition to catch the show online since we don't have a television. I have not been so obsessed with a show since my "Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel" days and my recent "24" addiction. If you haven't caught the Heroes fever, I definately recommend that you start now. has the shows online, with limited commericals! Go! Watch now!

The storyline for this first season is pretty simple: ordinary people finding out they have extraordinary abilities, stopping an exploding man, save the cheerleader save the world, and of course the theme of being a hero.

Not to get too off topic, but today my roommate told me some really sad news about a girl from my highschool (her sister was our age) who was murdered. I was shocked when she told me. You know you always hear these depressing, shocking stories on the news but you always brush it off (or at least I do). But when it happens to be about people you know, it just really hits you. Then, my roommate told me how another girl got attacked near campus last night, making it the second attack within the past week. The world is a dark and scary place. I think I have lived in a bubble for most of my life and did not have to face the cruel reality of death, illness, etc. With all the terrible things going on in the world, I just want to stay in my dorm room and never leave. At least I'll be safe and alive right?

The world needs heroes. Okay, maybe not people who can fly or regenerate or time travel (although I do wish I had my very own Hiro - he is just sooooo cute), but people who inspire us, people who bring hope and light to a dark world. *Wow, I realize how cheesy I sound right now, but hang with me here* Maybe that is why I love Heroes so much. The characters are really just normal people trying to be heroes. Everyone can be someones hero and change the world. And if maybe, just maybe the world were filled with more people like that, then the world will truly be a better place. As Sandra Bullock said in Miss Congeniality, "I really do want world peace!"


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