Monday, May 28, 2007

i got bit by the DIY bug

Ahhh, sunshine, breezy beach weather, and the smell of suntan lotion on hordes of sorority girls can only mean one thing: summer is here.

And that can mean only one other thing: it's DIY season again. I think I got bit by the DIY bug a little early this year, school is not out yet, and all I can think of are the vast number of projects I want to do. Econ 11 has now officially become "DIY brainstorming" and attending two cool fashion shows on campus hasn't helped either. All I can think of now is rushing straight to my fabric pile and dashing towards my beloved $1000 pfaff sewing machine (it was a graduation present). Over memorial weekend, I got into super crafty mode and here is what I came up with.

EYE see you! (lame..eye know, sorry I just had to do that)

Before: Plain white "tennis" style dress (too short to be a dress). Never worn before because the preppy style just isn't my thing. Bought it because it was on sale at Robinsons May when they were having their big sale trying to get rid of everything (RIP robinsons may). I think I got caught up in the bargain frenzy and bought this

After: Witness the coolness of fabric paint and a little creativity. I love it now. I LOVE it now. I've always had a fascination with eyes. Every one of my doodles at least had one image of eyes. Now I have a dress/longshirt to show it off. I had to cover the little embroidery of tennis rackets by drawing two eyes next near the chest area. Hopefully it doesn't look to awkward.

Oh deer....

Before: Pink tank that I've never worn before. Look! It's still new with tags! A little boring, a little too mall-ish and a little too teeny-bopper

After: AHHH! It's a deer. Used old scraps of fabric, drew a picture of a deer, outlined with black screen paint and finally handsewed it on. Looks awesome.

I also wanted to make some headbands. The inspiration?

Marc Jacobs Gemstone headbands:

My version: Probably not as cool, but a hecka of a lot cheaper. It was pretty easy to make too. I found all these plastic gemstones I had in my arts and crafts shelf and my mind immediately went to "Marc Jacobs Headband, totally". I will post pictures of me actually wearing it a little later.

What you need: Ribbon (thicker the better), jewels, gluegun

I basically just found the right size of my head and glued the ends of the ribbon together. I placed a smaller sized ribbon around the thicker ribbon to make it a little more colorful. Then I just glued the stones on. Be careful, hot glueguns are NOT your friend.

My last project of the weekend were these pictures frames I made for my roommates. End of the year is coming up and I thought I would make something special for them so they will always remember me. And then once I become famous they can stare at the photos and say "Wow, I used to be her roommate!"

I wanted them to be funky and totally tacky, I think I achieved just that. I bought these boring black and white frames from the 99cent store. You can't even tell that they were ever that. I kinda want to keep these for myself now....

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