Monday, May 7, 2007

lala's style on may 7 2007

It's already been a week and so far I have managed to update this blog. Go me!

Today was amazingly hot, but I looked amazingly stylish nonetheless. Haha..just kidding.

why is it sooo hot today!?
-red and white floral top: 4.75 from rampage

-big plastic light blue necklace: free! stolen from sister who I think got it at a garage sale

-jeans: 5.00 from mall-headband: bunch of yarn twisted together, looks pretty cool

-black peep toe shoes: 11.00 , new shoes, too bad they hurt

-awesome tote bag: a gift from my dearest friend who made it for my birthday... says "Happy Thrifting"! oh she knows me too well

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