Friday, March 7, 2008

Strutting the Milan and Paris Catwalks

My dearest readers, I have finally been able to take a break with all my strutting and sashaying to bring you highlights of the last two of the big five fashion shows - Milan and Paris. And wow what a trip it was. My feet are super tired and super swelled. I didn't think they could get any bigger, but apparently, they can.

So once again, octopus-faced-monkey-haired me was off for a tour-de force modeling rampage. Here were some of my favorite shows by far.


Oh lordy, this man is a fan-frickin-genius. I totally loved the inspiration behind his pieces. Part russian peasant, part elizabethan snob and part indian princess. It was wonderful. Like licking ice cream on a 100 degree day wonderful.

My favorite pieces were the blacks and the poofy swan-esque dresses. And I got to wear the best dress of them all! This gorgeous peacock dress. The stunning beauty of this piece completely overshadowed my mollusk of a face.

So when I got to the studio Alex took one look at me and all the sudden he said "Peacock" and that was it. He never spoke another word to me again, but I will cherish the word "Peacock" in my dreams forever and ever.

I could tell all the other skinny girlies were jealous because I got the coolest dress ever. Or maybe they weren't jealous, maybe that's just how their faces naturally looked like. I'll never know.

It was super fun to get to wear such big hair. I felt like Bozo the clown but way chic. And the dark brows were a definite bonus. I'm sick of seeing girls over pluck their eyebrows. I mean it's okay if you like them pencil thin and all, but in my humble opinion, it just does not look good. We should all riot and get dark over dramatic eyebrows! Anyone with me??


Call them gimmicky and whatnot, but what can I say? I love me some gimmicks. Before the show, I headed over to their studio. I brought with me a pair of nerd glasses and a skinny tie and together we all took pictures in "cue" fashion. It was great.

Viktor & Rolf were one of my favorite shows and designers in general. I love their concepts and their exaggerations of everything. Staples as seams? Wonderful. Now I know what to do with my boxes of staples.

Apparently this season they were inspired by "No". Saying 'no' to the fast pace of consumerism within fashion.

I say that "no" has never looked better. Taking such a negative word and making it so awesome-sauce is no easy feat. Who would have thought of having 3-D words protrude out from an otherwise Parisian chic grey coat? I got to wear the "Dream On" coat and felt so special because no "NO" message was plastered on me. I would totally wear this coat out but I'm afraid I'll get stuck in the door or hit someone while I'm waiting in line at the salad bar. They might look at me all funny, but then I'll just show my innocent face and tell them "dream on, man, just dream on".


I met up with Ms. Westwood again for her second show in Paris. Prior to the show we partied it up like punk stars. Surprisingly, I was not tired at all the next day and neither was she. She's that amazing.

Her collection reminded me of the cartoon Recess. They had these kindergartens who were like in tribal gear all the time. If you know what I'm talking about, mad pros to you. So they were these kindergartners who wore face paint and had their little headbands and this show totally reminded me of that.

Everything was so fun. Fun is a major element I look for when viewing fashion.

I loved the printed paint pieces. When fashion and art intermix it makes my heart fill with glee!

I got to wear this super chic top and shorts combination. It's sort of a common look but the cut-out details were so nice that I was super ecstatic. I think we should wear face paint every day with our dark eyebrows. That will be totally awesome.


My one and only collection from Milan. I got so behind in documenting the other weeks that Milan just slipped right by. I was too excited for Paris.

So Iceberg. I loved the superhero inspiration. When I was a young lass I had this guilty pleasure of watching Power Rangers. I used to dream of being the secret love child of the Pink Ranger and the White Ranger. I didn't know how that would exactly work out seeing as I'm Asian and they were both not asian. I should have dreamed about Trini, the Yellow Ranger, as my mom instead but somehow Pink Ranger appealed to me more. I told you I was a weird child.

I got to wear this cat ears hood/beanie which totally made my day. Without it, I would have just been a giant ball of blue. But with them, I was transformed into a blue giant puffed cat. I think Halle Berry should have contacted IceBerg for this costume instead of her disastrous wardrobe for Catwoman.


It's always the theatrical element with Galliano that makes me look forward to his shows each year. His collection wasn't my favorite, but each piece by itself, I bet would look wonderful.

So Galliano and I go way back. Like way back. We're like BFF's. We're totally tight.

Okay. I'm just BSing. Every story needs a little BSing though, I think.

I strutted down in this MC Hammer pants. Thank god because I hadn't worked out my thighs the night before. In fact, I had binged on deep dish pizza. Shhh..don't tell anyone.

There was a variety of inspirational influences. I felt a bit of the Jamaican reggae with my dark braided dreads.


I have a very special place in my heart for Japanese designers. Japanese people are crazy. Enough said. They come up with the newest technologies and their street style is just way too advanced for us simple minded folks. They are very into experimenting and experimenting they do well in.

I was happy to be walking in the Comme Des Garcons show because I can now finally pronounce the word without sounded like an idiot.

The collection was so refreshing and took "layering" to a whole new level. The mix of proportions and textures just fit together perfected. I loved the super long sleeves no matter how impractical they are because they remind me of when I was young and the sleeves were too short for my stubs I called arms.

The look seems messy from the outside, but once you look closer you can see how everything is so beautifully planned. Move over Prada, this is the way to totally do lace! (I'm probably one of the few who just didn't feel it with Miuccia's latest collection)


Okay, this was probably one of my FAVORITEST collections so far this season. I know I say that about everything, but aesthetic wise, this is just totally me. When I saw her clothing I was like wow, if I were a designer these are the types of clothing I would design - fun, colorful, and whimsical.

I fell in love with the prints she used. They looked like watercolors by Matisse or the expressionistic strokes of Van Gogh.

Just seeing the clothing made me happier and that's why I love fashion - the ability to make you happy.

I wore this blue dress with a cape like thing on top of it. I don't what it is with designers and putting me with capes. I wore a cape in the Anne Sui runway if I remember correctly. I tend to hallucinate a lot these days.

Tsumori told me it's because I have a face made for a cape. Huh. Okay. Alright.

Well, it was a nice fall winter season this year. I'm so surprised that so many designers actually casted me, but what can I say, I'm just that great. I should go now before my ego inflates even bigger. Until next season, ciao lovelies.

P.S If anyone actually read through all of this let me know and I will give you an online hug!

Photos Courtesy of, coutorture, and thefashionspot.


On Track said...

I am very inspired by collections from this season, its nice to see designers pushing the boundaries, it gives me hope for the future of design ;)

Isabel said...

McQueen + Comme des Garcons + you = stunning.

Hey, I'm not as bad at math as I thought I was!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

Yo that peacock dress was super gorgeous!

ca said...

You look fantastic and i must say your doing very well


Charming Heart said...

I remember those little kindergarten kids with the tribal prints and face paint from Recess! They were great!

Belle said...

i read through it! i loved mcqueen's collections, but i totally skipped over comme de garcons, which is blasphemy because i have like a mini shrine to japanese designers on my wall. i must check it out.


I loved this post! [[I really did read the whole thing..]] Viv Westwood and Alexander McQueen are my faves out of this post..oh and The Viktor and Rolf jackets are frickin' MEGA AMAZING! I wish I could strut into my school with the ''Dream on'' jacket on. :)

WendyB said...

Nice post! You're very cute.

Soul Tanggg said...

wow, girl.
with those fresh modeling skillz, you should come model for MY collectins!!

I love you're creativity!

Hannah Cheeto said...

Haha I read through it all! These are so entertaining.

Unrealized Fish said...

I LOVE your style and blog! Nice pics.

selinaoolala said...

i just loooove this feature! always a great read

Miss Woo said...

Lala the supermodel! I love you esp in those gorgeous Mqueen wide skirts ;)

LML said...

wow awesome coverage! that must have taken u forever!
im still not sure what my favorite show was yet...

Anonymous said...

I read it, nice 'shop jobs :)

Jillian said...

haha you always make me laugh! you're too silly!

I loved mcqueen wasn't it just amazing! It was like a time warp!

great post!

Anonymous said...

i lurve the collections and you always look fabulous!

bigglassesgirl said...

alexander mcqueen - such a come hither face, amazing

Stephanie said...

If I was a designer I would cast you for sure.
And big eyebrows all the way! Although I'm not quite prepared to unleash my naturally huge dark brows on the world...

Alya said...

Hahaha You know I really thought that was you! Great post!

It shows your ecletic, extravagant, and fun taste in fashion.

Anna Pope said...

You darling are my favorite model right now. Mr McQueen should never let go of you because that peacock dress looks amazing on you ;D

addicted said...

such a great post!! i feel inspired!

AsianCajuns said...

Such a fun post! You make an great model!

the iron chic said...

Your runway work always makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

you do not model. you're just pasting your face there. it's easy to tell. you're legs are different in every photo.some are thin some are not so thin.. so you're just pasting your face there, besides i cant find any of your photos in coutorture.