Friday, March 7, 2008

Lala's Style of the Day

Today's theme was FLOWER GRENADE. I even had a daisy stuck in my hair. It was Daisy Day today, celebrating gender equality.

  • Purple floral dress: $3 local thrift
  • Floral Skirt: 0.75 st. vinnies
  • Belt: mommy's closet
  • Yellow headband: $1.50 the limited. It's actually a necklace, but now it's a heavy headband
  • Shoes for my stinky feet.

At first I was going to put the skirt underneathe the dress because the dress was kinda sorta sheer but I just love the skirt too much to put it in the background so I wore it on top.

Interesting thing today, Beckster remembered she wrote a poem about me way back in highschool. I got to see the poem and the title was "REAL NAME HERE - ZANY" and the whole poem was about how I was a little "different". And then I was like asking her, "Was I really weird in highschool!?!!" and both she and Bacne were like "yah". And I was like "really?! No way. I wasn't that weird... not as weird as I am now" and they were like "noo you were pretty weird."

Man. My self-perception of what I was like in highschool is way off. I mean like way off.


On Track said...

What a great day to celebrate :)

I really like your outfit, it is quite Almost Famous looking. Very cool

Wendy said...

You're outfits are always really cool. I love the headband, very Grecian.

Anonymous said...

I really adore your work with colors!

Anna Pope said...

I am very intrigued by your skirt, and by 'intrigued' I actually mean 'in love with it'

The headband is a pretty touch to an already fabulous outfit.