Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Finals Over Fashion?

I've been living in the same top and sweats/boxers for the past few days.

Pimples have invaded my face.

So not cute.

I want a mongoose.


Soul Tanggg said...

i call those "off days"

today is definately an "off day" for me. ughghghgg

soph n terr said...

oh lord i know the feeling.

The Clothes Horse said...

A mongoose would rock as a pet. They are all over Hawaii, but wild. So clever. Good luck with finals.

Sarah said...

yess, you would think I would have gotten over the funk now that it's spring break but....no

bianca banca said...

everyone has those days....dont worry!
you have an adorable blog, and great style!
I just came across your blog, and i really like it!!
hope you are feeling better soon!

Gloria said...

this short succinct post is quite hilarious.

I understand what you mean about finals/blogging too...very difficult to balance.

Wendy said...

Good luck with the finals!

Secretista said...

I know that feeling. good luck with finals dear!

Anna Pope said...

Finals do have the power to make everything else stop in it's tracks, but the good thing is that they end in the end! Good luck, and just think of how fabulous (as always!) you'll look after they end :)

Natasha said...

Best of luck! I was in the same predicament. I feel for you. :)

Anonymous said...

aww, good luck on those!

what is a mongoose? I only know of the bike/skateboard brand..

LML said...

pimples have invaded my face too!

Rumi said...

Mongeese are cool. I want a pygmy goat.

Chill.Totally. said...

NOOO!! Mongeese (gooses?) are EEVIL. They attack/eat a lot of the indigenous Hawaiian animals.

P.S. I just broke out too. And finals are over. *cries* I can't blame bad skin on stress now!

Anonymous said...