Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebrations of July 4th in my "Plant" outfit.

You can call me Ivy. Poison Ivy.
  • Green dress: $2 thrift store, one of this summer's alterations. I have an alteration shop, come in and get altered.
  • Brown belt that made my green dress look somewhat like a peter pan costume: non lo so.
  • Flower Headband: LalaLiu Designs. (yah. that's me. branding is my new business.)

So happy belated fourth of July! I had a BBQ with my glitterati and it was the bomb-diggity (yah, let's bring that word back). I had this crazy dream for many years to host a BBQ. It would involve grass, blue skies, grilled meat, and fun people. I had saved it on my list of things to do in our google doc. Google doc. hehe. And finally it came true!

I was hostess of the evening which meant burning my hands while cutting chicken and making a somewhat spicier version of normal salsa. Yesterday was super fun and made me forget all about how I accidently winded up with a cell phone being washed in a washing machine for forty minutes.

Not only did I BBQ, but I got to play dress up with my favorite sequined pieces that I recently acquired. I totally have a thing for tacky things. What can I say? I'm attracted to the tackalicious.

Case in Point. Me and my crew working out the glitter. Oh that glitter. Oh that flash.

I declared my coat the technicolor dreamcoat if Joseph in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat was set in the 80's and was a party loving whore.

Afterwords we played with FIREWORKS.

Under my own umbrella. Wait. Wait. I feel a song coming from this.

Now for some consumerism. In the morning I went to pick up BusaBabe. We had wanted to go to Walmart to make a tutu for her tutu loving dreams. However when we got there we found that the Walmart we had gone to had no fabric section. Fail.

However, being the A-team that we are we wandered into a gigantic Forever 21 Outlet. Yes. a Forever 21 Outlet. I don't know if it was really an outlet, but the whole second floor was full of past season merchandise at heavily discounted prices. Many items were only $3.99 and they had everything for every season. I would have wandered towards the sweater section but it was just too hot to be in the mood for that.

The place used to be a two story Mervyns so the set up was excellent. Instead of being cramped into racks of clothes because mall loving teenie boppers are everywhere, there was actually space! Lot's of it! And it made the shopping excursion even better. The first floor is full of the current season's merchandise.

Despite of having failed at buying tickets for the American Apparel Factory Sale, I would say finding this gem beats that anytime! We spent a while there and both came out with a hot pink bag full of goodies! $35 got me really really happy. Three pairs of shoes for $5.99 (one of which we call my pimp shoes and the other our stripper shoes). A navy knit cotton tank for $3.99 and a interesting pleated Twelve by Twelve dress for $9.99. I need to come back again.

For all you OC dwellers if you wanna take a trip to the Forever 21 just head to Anaheim.

Summer is going by pretty fast but I have so much more things I want and need to do. Perhaps I should start on my homework.

Oh! Be sure to check out LalaLiu.Love for new auction items. One item is already up because I got frustrated with the ebay error messages that I tried it again until it actually worked. I have yet to figure out which charity to choose this year but in the mean time bid! And support my trip to China and

I suck at marketing myself. Peace out fools.


Madeline said...

That umbrella picture makes me extremely happy.

Artsy Geek said...

Cute shoes, I work at Forever21 in South Florida so I approve, those shoes are hotttt

stina said...

look, you're on my photoblog!

I think you should credit me -_-
and give me publicity hehehehe

Kasia said...

You just ALWAYS make me smile :)

Violet said...

love the technicolor coat lol

and wow a forever 21 thats even cheaper than before lol

Vi from Cali

Anonymous said...

I love your fourth of july plant outfit! The hat thing is awesomely cool.

You invent words...I do that all the time too!! Isn't the english language a bit too dull without some snazzalicious descriptions in it?

sweet post,

Folu said...

Those light painting pics are insane and i could marry those studded shoes!

Cancha-diction said...

LOVE the bright colors! great post! keep em coming!

Poppy said...

i love your dress :)

the photos with the fireworks look great i love it

Leah said...

Those shoes are quite AMAZING. Cute blog!

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