Monday, July 13, 2009

Cuz I'm Cleaning Out my Closet... with a little update of Lala's world.

Greetings chicos and chicas. So yes, I am cleaning out my closet and I have a ton of things I need to get rid of. Actually, I would totally keep some of these things just because they make me smile like a clown but alas I am low on the moolah and if I plan to get through my upcoming China trip eating things other than rice, I need to sell sell sell!! A recent realization that I have credit card bills has also forced me to re-examine the things I buy. Sigh.

So here is where you come in! Buy buy buy!!! There are some gem items here, my favorites are the sequined pieces. That hot pink full body sequin dress is totally my dream outfit for my Vegas trip but sadly with the reasoning powers that be my sister and friends she says that it is impractical in my everyday life so I should sell. Sigh. If only I were a showgirl. I could wear that dress and maybe star in that movie too! Nomi watch out! I may be pushing you down a flight of stairs the next time.

If anyone got that reference. Congrats. You have now been accepted into the hall of coolness. I have a thing for tacky movies. And tacky things. But we already knew that.

So yes, please do bid. And if you find a repulsion to these outfits, maybe just imagine that I'm not wearing them. I would rather be the reason for your disgust than the actual clothing itself. I'm really desperate to sell as you can see.

I think have over 25 things up for bid and almost all start at 9.99. And with the economy these days people aren't bidding. So as sad as it may be for me but as good as it may be for you, you could probably win these babies for only $9.99.

Click here to start shopping!

Now if you're still reading this, I'm assuming that you were not completely annoyed by my shameless self promotion. Thank you for your attention span. I appreciate it greatly. So now on to the tales of my life in lalaland- where adventures are so magical that you just might pee in your pants.

Life is full of thinking these days - thinking with a mixture of bumming around. It feels like my last summer summer as in the last summer before I have to get an actual job and work the hours like an "adult." The word brings shivers to my spine. I've been hanging out with friends and just enjoying life. Although I'm a bit afraid that I'm not really doing "anything" I will not take for granted the simple acts of just having fun.

My latest fun adventure was a trip to the beach. In my world, my adventures always seem to be a little bit screwed up. Nothing is ever normal when you travel with me and my homies. Hehe. Homies. I'm so ghetto fab now it's almost scary. So yes, the beach it was last Friday. I drove. By myself! Props to me. But that was the easy part. Now I had to parallel park. And I just couldn't do it despite the generous amount of room I had. I had my friend help direct me but even then I was still unable to get to the side. Hall of parallel parking shame for sure. The street wasn't some quiet side street, it was a pretty busy street. People passing through the PCH drive through that street so I felt the pressure. About ten minutes in my friend pointed to some guys looking at us and I got even more embarrassed. What makes me most embarrassed is when people see me embarrassed. With my I-will-not-be-defeated attitude I attempted again. Fail. Round 8.

All of the sudden in my side mirror I see the guy coming over.

He goes. "Here. Let me do it." Actually he didn't say anything but his face just said it all. Fail. Round 9.

And with a twist of his wrists, he steers my car in. Perfectly.

I thanked him graciously and thanked him that he did not steal my car or kidnap busababe for she was in the car with him.

So we made it to the beach. But before the real beaching began we encountered other problems like witnessing a pedophile run away, having seagulls eat our tortilla chips, and realizing I left my blinkers on the whole time.

The water was worth it though. So win. Round 1.

My latest adventure has got me thinking about the things I love most. One of them is spending time with the coolest friends ever. Sometimes I like to reflect on these little things and it just makes me smile inside. Discovering Susan Boyle as my new hero (I know, a bit late jumping on the bandwagon. Hey what can I say, I can't catch up to such a fast moving vehicle) also makes me smile on the inside.

Other developments in lalaland have been trying to relaunch which is taking a lot longer than expected. Grand opening 2009? Psh. Try 2010. I'm working hard to create inventory but little things like beach trips or Susan Boyle come up out of the blue and distract me from these other goals. Blogging has also been on the downlow too. But once again I just want to thank all those people who still read. You are the Susan Boyle to the Lala's happiness.

That did not make any sense.


I need to sleep because lately I've turned into an owl. So away to dream land I go. Dream land also makes me smile on the inside.

Take care kids.

Oh yah. And bid/buy.


Clara said...

I loved the eye-heart!


ca said...

you have some amazing amazing clothes.

I really can't believe you want to sell them. I will bid as soon as i have some money.

I have to add i don't see why everyone likes Susan Boyle over in the states she isn't that popular back here in the UK or at least not as popular as she was when Britain's got talent was on.

However i am glad she makes you smile, hope you have a great summer and i am very glad to see you blogging again :)

Poppy said...

those dresses are really pretty and cool :)

Violet said...

lol yeah ive yet to P.P and um scared... especially with on coming traffic... stil reading and i await each post

Vi from Cali

kokostiletto said...

omg your dresses are so pretty !

iouzz said...

how the hat!!