Monday, June 29, 2009

Suburbian Summer.

Summer time means time for deep thoughts.

♥ Inspiration collection agency.
♥ Ruffles & obnoxious headbands.
♥ LalaLiu for reals.
♥ Life for reals.
♥ School & job.
♥ China, Korea, Japan.
♥Un-fail july fourth BBQ.
♥ True Blood & Weeds.


NewYorkChique said...

nice sweater! but it looks a little hot to be wearing it, haha.

and yes, headbands are amazing.

Solo said...

Headbands are great things to have this summer.;D

Travel and Living

Susie Bubble said...

Love the vastness of your surroundings compared to your figure... such a cool sweater...

Anonymous said...

nice photo.
and your outfit, omg! =)

Taryn Andre said...

sounds like a wonderful summer

Violet said...

can i say im dying over this sweater?!?!?

Vi from Cali

Poppy said...

i love what your wearing :)