Monday, June 1, 2009

Traitor to Fashion?

Recently, my style has been a downright slump. If you saw me in my daily gear you wouldn't even bother to take a second look because I seem to just blend in with the crowd these days. When Australian shoe company, Whooga, asked me to review their UGG style shoes, I couldn't help but feel like a traitor to fashion. All my snide comments against girls wearing their UGGs tucked into their blue jeans and equipped with a NorthernFace backpack were put aside as I became one of them.

My shoes arrived in a lovely boxed package which definitely gave the shoes some brownie points. Like in business marketing classes, presentation is key (+1).

So I rushed back to my room. Opened the box and behold, a pair of Classic Short Chocolate Sheepskin Boots.

To be honest, since I must, I had to admit the shoes were not all that attractive (-1).

I slipped them on and then the comfort over (+1).

The weather here in Cali has been on the gloom side lately so the warmth of these shoes felt comforting to my feet.

But comfort aside, the question was now. How do I rock them?

My friends say that I can pull a lot of things off, but this was a new challenge. Could I pull off the UGG boot look?

The simple answer? No. (-1).

However, just because these shoes were not my taste, that does not mean they serve no purpose. I wore them out the night I got them which proved to be a smart choice as I headed back to my room up a trail of stairs at 5 in the morning. They were warm and made my tiredness feel somewhat bearable. (+1).

I have to say, these boots do serve a purpose. My perfect scenario for wearing these would be if I were up on the mountains in my log cabin drinking hot chocolate next to my hunk of burning love (still working on that) and decide to take a stroll around the lake. Hmmmmm UGGS.

I would also compare these boots to sweat pants. Not quite fashionable but when you need to roll out of bed to catch a final in ten minutes and the weather is a bit breezy, these shoes will be calling my name.


k.g. said...

Yesterday was a special day for me, not only because it was Children's day :) but also because after months of trying really hard I've finally managed to remember the name of your blog. I started reading it a year ago i think, I read all of it, and then I somehow forgot all about it because of a long break in using the net. When I got reconnected, I couldn't remember the name, can you imagine?? I'm horrible with names etc. I saw Your address on other blogs but somehow did not connect it with You :D Anyway, I've finally found Your blog again and am absolutely thrilled about it. I love Your writing and your pictures, too. In fact, I'm dreaming of buying one of Your oils someday :D

This has become a rather large comment but I just wanted to express my exhilaration :) All the best, Kasia from Poland.

Danielle said...

I'm not a big UGG fan either. I used to be obsessed with acquiring a pair, but then I realizes they made your foot look like a big marshmallow... or something like that.

Lauren said...

This was funny, I love the way you write. I want to be able to justify why people wear Uggs...but I can't. Even if they're warm :]

masayume said...

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