Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lala's Style of the Day

  • Kenzie t-shirt dress: $2, tjmaxx
  • yellow tights: $1 local thrift
  • Scarf: stolen from my aunts donation bin
  • Necklace:
  • Yarn headband: made by me that Blair Waldorf shamelessly copied from me.
  • Shoes: payless
  • Jacket: wetseal

I thought I lost my beloved yarn headband. I came back from model practice (no..I'm not a model, hard to believe eh?? haha, just kidding. no seriously. I'm kidding.) and then I touched my head and it was gone! It felt like a piece of me died and went to heaven. I wanted to cry while walking up the stairs but I kept telling myself, "Lala, you must be strong. You must not cry. You must be strong. You can cry when you get back to the room and make a fool of yourself in front of Bacne." I came back and told Bacne the sad story.

Then, as if a gift from God, Z IMed me and told me she found a red yarn headband. OMG. Yes. I quickly ran down or I quickly went down the elevator to pick it up. I am whole again.

Another note. Today I was finally caught in the act of taking a picture. The first picture you see I was placing the camera on the shelf. It flashed and I did an awkward face and then I see this girl walking towards me. It was embarrassing but I played it cool. Or so I thought but hey I'm always cool. In fact I'm beyond cool. I'm icy. I'm chilly. I'm an icy chill ferocious beast.


Poster Girl said...

You're hilarious! I love the headband, it's brilliant.

lee jones said...

LOOOVVVVEEEE the yellow tights : )
you don't see those vair often.

jenny h. said...

love the yellow tights. :)

your writing is so funny as well!
cute blog :)

jenny h. said...

ohh yeah and i was wondering

do you wanna link up?

Eli said...

I like the top very much!

Belle said...

ahahaha another hilarious post. i wish i was there, awkwardness rocks xD

Sarah said...

the tights are fabulous, the only bad thing that I can think of as it gets warmer is that tights aren't necessary anymore.

And I'm going to have to try taking pictures at school, like living my life on the edge but not really because I'm a senior and if an underclassman saw me they would run away shaking. I'm scary.

Diana Rikasari said...

you look sooo fresh with the colors...:)

jess said...

i love your outfit its very bright
would you like to link up

fashionfix said...

I love this outfit!

LML said...

diggging the yellow tights :)

also the $2 dress! awesome :)

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Love the dress, tights, headband and everything really. I haven't been here for a while but you're just as brilliant as I remember!

soph said...

hehehe yes i was wondering how there was never anybody in the library to catch you! fab colours, ice cool

Natasha said...

Phew, glad you got the headband back! It is too cool! Blair should be ashamed.

Soul Tanggg said...

I love love LOVE the first picture!!!`

emsie said...

Love the colours of your outfit.

Anonymous said...