Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Extravaganza: Materialism for a good Cause

Before I tell the tale of my lovely pre-birthday weekend (I cannot believe that I will be 20% of a century old. That is unfrickin believable) I will as usual post what I wore because it's just so darn interesting.

Photos thanks to lil pee, who has decided by the way to go to the same college as me!!! YAY! She just could not stay away from my coolness.

My tee basically sums up my crazy materialistic weekend.

WARNING, there will be lots of pictures ahead. For the picture inducing headache prone people, I recommend not to proceed. But cool pics of me vastly outweigh headaches yeah?

  • I <3>
  • Jeans: back in my mall rat days, wetseal
  • flipflops
  • headband: $1
  • Chanel red bag, most definitely a faker.
  • Leftover cuban food.
So this weekend I came back home. Barbie picked me up Friday and I went a lil fabric shopping. We did an our-family-celebration on Sunday which consisted of Buffalo Exchange madness and good ole Cuban food, Old Towne adventure.


An ENORMOUS MOUND of food. No wonder Americans get fat.

My $4.50 birthday cake that I shared with my sister. It was a delicious 2 minute experience.

There was a car show going on.

But basically the coolness of my weekend consisted of going to the Buffalo Exchange Earth Day $1 Sale on both Saturday and Sunday. I told you I was crazy. Prepare for a long long list of the goodies. I went on Saturday just with my dad to the one in downtown of my favorite city in the world. After noticing the swarm of hipsters and crazy families I knew I needed reinforcement and called my dad to come watch my pile. I basically grabbed, sifted, and grabbed. I ended up with a $30 box.

Coming off my high I wanted to go again on Sunday at another buffalo exchange located in a different city. My whole family came this time. I never knew Lil Pee was this feisty when it came to grabbing clothes. Even my mom was pleasantly surprised at the not so thrift store-esque surrounding. Maybe I've finally convinced her! There were so many new clothes left and right.

First Loot.

Second Loot

First Loot pictures of like almost everything. A lot of these look way better in person.

Tee Shirt // Custo Barcelona LS tee for sister

Plaid Dress with gold trim // Silk floral dress (excuse fug face)

Vintage Floral Dress

Diesel Jeans // Denim Jumper missing a button

Little house on the prairie dress/ Habitual white jeans

Vtg Spantastic patterned polyester dress// Sisley floral dress

Vtg Floral mod dress// Authentic one of those Austrian traditional corset dresses

Le Tigre skirt (luv the colorfulness) // Nolita highwaisted trousers. WAY TOO LONG

Volumnous jacket, semi-tulip skirt // dress

Satin blazer // Gold BCBG silk skirt

Mexican dress// Vtg Dress with awesome bow design

St. John Cardi // Blazer


Leaf Belt // Etnies new flat wedges
The other three items not shown included a hot pink flowly night gown that I don't know why I bought, a dress for lil pee and a jumper that didn't fit also for lil pee.
The next day I went again with the whole LalaLiu family. This time $34 was spent and we even got free plastic bags. This sale was even crazier because they kept refilling the piles and people would grab like insane psychos. I became an insane psycho. The are was so nice with trees and all other Earth Day filled events. I saw a guy with dreads carrying around a marijuana plant. It was lovely. I didn't take pictures of everything this time. No more vanity for me.

Perfect condition DOC MARTEN shoes!! // Penny Kenny wedges too big

See by Chloe skirt // jeans like a lot

And then i bought a lot of clearance tights from Target
School now. Getting ready to leave my teenage years. Barf me now.


Jovana said...

Wow, such great finds for little money, esp. the jeans and Custo tee-shirts... Wish I had stores like that in my country.

selinaoolala said...

people give that stuff away?! what a haul! some super amazing finds, i love the doc martins, just the right kind of clumpy, can't wait to see how you wear them

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

that cake looked good happy belated b-day ^_^. And those Etnies flats were beautiful, you are definitely the QUEEN of thrift shopping, you do it pretty damn well and you find some interesting things and put them together in a interesting way.

N/OutofFashion said...

I am so jealous I can barely type!


jellofer said...

Wow, what awesome buys! I'm sooo jealous!

Isabel said...

Holy crap, such finds! My faves are the Doc Martens, the little house on the prairie dress and the white jeans. And seriosuly, why would anyone give away a Chloe skirt? Did they sell it for crack or something?

soph said...

wow! that is a PROPER HAUL !!! great finds..

fashaholic said...

i like going back to your page and looking at the magical haul. the dresses you got are all so pretty ( i especially like the austrian corset dress on you haha :))you're too extreme...!

Stephanie said...

Agh this makes me so mad that I didn't go to the sale near me! I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through your awesome finds.

Heather said...

That cake looks delicious, and so does that Mexican dress.

Annie said...

holy crap.
i want a buffalo exchange shoppin trip.
anyways things i love:
ur i love thrifting tee
plaid dress
black corset dress
vintage bow dress
lol great finds!

Poster Girl said...

Hey, happy birthday! You're still so young. Great finds, especially the See by Chloé skirt and Docs. Looks like you had an amazing weekend. Cheers!

bestie said...

oh my, everything's so great! i'm totally jealous. and your i <3 thrifting tee is awesome.:D

Nico. said...

Wow. wow. wow.
You are very lucky. We only have one good thruft shop around here, and it is stil quite expensive.

I love your blog, and your style.
I hope you don't mind that I put a link to your blog in mine.

Anonymous said...