Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lala's Style of the Day (ya know ya missed it!) and big warm fuzzy THANK YOU

  • Pink plaid superbubbled top: $1 tjmaxx (me and my clearance rack obsession)
  • Magenta Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt: $22 tjmaxx
  • Textured black tights: $1.50 target
  • Robins egg blue beaded 50's cardigan: $3.99, thank you mart
  • Black rose belt: 0.25 local thrift
  • Polka dot flats: $3 tjmaxx
  • Photoshoot in the handicap bathroom? priceless

It feels so wonderful to get back into the daily outfit picture taking mode. I must have been "lala-style-of-the-day"less for like two weeks. Crazy.

I found this random outfit from last Tuesday in my camera amidst random photos of friends and fashionshow fun.

  • LaRok playsuit: $19, Loehmanns. I love this thing but this outfit does require extra time and effort when taking a quick pee.
  • Yellow tights: $1 local thrift
  • Tigershark band as neck decor: made by me
  • White shoes: payless

And last but not least. I want to give a big big THANK YOU to all your sweet comments about the show and just everything in general. What I love about blogging is the sense of community and the encouraging support bloggers get from readers and other bloggers.

You guys make my day. enough said.


janet said...

love love the second outfit! and congrats again! <3

miss milki said...

Yay! Good to see Lala's style of the day back! :)

Terren said...

thank you mart??? ahh...i love that store. do you live in japan lady?? :]

jellofer said...

Yay, glad to see your outfit posts again!

And your dresses from your last post look sooooo good! You must be so proud :)

fashion* CHALET said...

love the blue of the cardigan with the pink of that skirt!!

CLAIRZY said...

haha this is cute. check out my blog. leave a comment =D

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

never seen a toilet look so chic!

fashionpuppy said...

wow, great outfit! i like the leggings!

Anna Pope said...

Oh, I really missed your style of the day, it's always so fun :D

I love the color combinations in the first outfit, the pink and the baby blue are so cute together!

WendyB said...


Diva Discount said...

Oh glad you are back.
I get you in my mailbox often since you often have something yummy thqat you found at Loehamnn's.

You know.. since you are such a good loyal Loehmann's shopper.. youdo know about the Insider Club, yes??
If you sign up, you get all sorts of coupons and inside deals, and depending on where you are, different reward points for more shopping.. It's most excellent!!ANd since you give us such good Loehamnn's live.. you desearve some back!!

LML said...

looove that cardigan!

rollingmoon said...

hey, nice to see you're back! i never really comment but i dig your style and as an angelino i am happy to see others also love thank you mart! that show is where i go every payday to get random jacket and jeans.

Soul Tanggg said...

lovin' the outfit!

Anonymous said...

Um... your outfit is absurd, but not in a good way. It's obvious that you're wearing a bunch of $1 rejects. You have an awful sense of style... you sorta dress like a ten year old on drugs. On the other hand, you have some cute pieces like the cardigan that would look really nice in different outfits.