Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dear friends, lovers & haters,

It seems as if I'm living an ADD life because I have so many dreams and goals and things I want to do that I get sidetracked by random spurts of passions and projects.

But the one thing that has always been in my heart, is starting my own business. I'm now devoting all my energies to Lala & Sasi. It's still in the baby phase but that's where I'll be. We even have a blog too.

So there it is, I hope that I can dedicate myself to this final project now and forever.

This post sounds deep. I am not that deep.




Acidmath said...

i just found ur site and it's pretty cool and fun and well done, neat find

cleartheway said...

I hope you are very successful in your endeavors!

Kate from Clear the Way