Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Batman Tells All...

I'm not actually Batman, although I wish I could be as sexy as Christian Bale.

I've been gone for a long time and here we are almost a year later and I find myself to my dear ole blog. It's like returning to a home after so long except now I find myself a little older, a little wiser, a little more eye-bag filled but still just an almost-adult. That's what I'd like to categorize myself as, an almost-adult.

What does being an almost-adult entail? For starters it means you don't know what the heck you are doing. But you take it like a man. You go on each day with the same level of optimism and ambition. You make mistakes and you can't take yourself or the world seriously, unless it's time to pay rent. An almost-adult still finds themselves lusting for the cute stuff animal in the window, but refrains from buying because once again, it's time to pay rent. An almost-adult still relies on their parents for support, because let's face it a $35 dollar a day job is still poverty. Almost-adults are still curious about the world and are not jaded into the machinery that is daily life. We are like virgins in every sense and we cling on to the last drops of innocence as we face reality. Almost-adults like to wear tutu's and mismatched rainbow socks, dresses with ears, and things that make the world laugh but also buying that black blazer because it's necessary for work but then realizing that it works with your style as well. Almost-adults can only be one of the best periods in life (I wouldn't know for 100% sure since I can't time travel) because it's full of discovery and trials and errors. Almost-adult is when life happens.

Finally, almost-adults would not take my deep paragraph above seriously because they would be smart enough to know that it is all pure bs. In my heart, I believe it to be true.


secret lover said...

thank you lalaliu.

u dearly inspires my life, in a way that unexplained merely by words..
and yes it's true. i prefer to be trapped in the almost-adults time frame too, but life isnt like i wish. hehe.

love to see u blogging again! :)


YAY!!!!! YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!

Please stay awhile?

lynst25 said...

yay so happy to see you pop up on my google reader again! hope you stay!

Level Up! said...

i completly understand. i'm an almost-adult myself :) and i'm 100% for the dresses with ears!