Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Will Not Be Defeated...

I was plucking out my nasty leg follicles one by one with my mom's Revlon tweezers this morning while sitting on my sisters bed watching her take some alcohol education video for college. I looked up at the ceiling with my pathetic bug eyes and my pitiful flat nose and said, "Man, am I bored."

I had a momentary slip of gross-ness with the hair plucking fiasco but I swear to myself and to the grave of my poor passed away guinea pig that I will not cave in to the temptations of the gross.

It's been less than four weeks into summer and today I've already started complaining about how bored I am. I really hate complainers, so I really hate myself at the moment, but I'm just going to blame all my frustration on good ole PMS. The ironic thing is that during the final days of school I was so excited about summer with all these plans floating around in my head and I even wrote a little motivation booster, but here I am now. Or was now, because honey, I will not be defeated by boredom! You here that boredom? I'm gonna kick your sorry hiney. I got my Spartan moves down. Swords and shields and flowy red capes are my forte. Leather undergear and chiseled 10 pack abs of perfection - umm, not as much, but with my brains and determination and my eyes of a hawk and ears of an elephant, boredom won't know what hit it.

Tonight, as I prepare for battle, I will fight and prevail. Dangerous you say? Well I LAUGH in the face of danger. Hah. Hah. See the picture above? It's my Spartan scream. ROAR. Fear me now baby.

Yes, so I was bored today even though I could have been doing so many things but somehow nothing was coming to me. And dare I say it, not even making clothes. Nothing came to me as I draped an old skirt around my squishy mannequin. Nothing. Nada. Shocking I know. I basically wasted a perfect day for goal achieving. But as I said, I will not be defeated so I've decided to make a list of all things to accomplish so if I ever decided to come back here on my blog will see this list and remind myself to strive. Strive like a hummingbird.

  • Finish revamping lalaliu.com. What should take only a day or so is taking forever because I'll just say it, I'm lazy. But not to fret, the new website will be up and running and dashing and lovely by August 1.08 when I come back from Taiwan.
  • Work on LalaLiu.Love. I already have items ready to go but the timing of finally figuring out how to work it made it a little too late as I leave for Taiwan in a week.
  • Tell everyone about LalaLiu.Love. A post to come! Stay tuned.
  • Make things to sell.
  • Make things for myself.
  • Experiment with clothing again.
  • Draw more designs
  • Blog more.
  • Write and illustrate a childrens book.
  • Learn to cook more than just the recipes on the yellow Bisquick box.
  • Model for my sister and do cool fashion shoots because I'm cool and her camera's cool.
  • Listen to my Italian CD. I need to know more than "hello" "goodbye" "my name is.." and my "1,2,3's" in order to survive in Italy.
  • Learn how to Lyrical hip-hop so-you-think-you-can-dance-style.
  • Finish my impossible hair plucking task....dang, I slipped again.
  • Learn how to smile correctly for a passport photo.
  • Be Fabulous.
  • Try to be fabulous if the above goal fails.

As I type now, I realize that my boredom is just a scapegoat for my innate laziness. I'm like a sloth, but just a little faster and less moss covered and way cuter. But sloth no more because I am determined...and just plain sick of being bored.

I'm really tired now that I've lost the energy to make any more witty statements. The yellow Bisquick box beckons me to sleep for I shall rise early to prepare delish chocolate chip pancakes tomorrow.

My sis took that picture and all my LalaLiu.Love ones. She insists on being credited. She sure knows how to bring out the fug in me.


stina said...

thank you very much

V said...

Oh i really like your little shop!! :) i can't seem to find info on where you can ship though?

Anonymous said...

I love you blog. Your really pretty too. I will add you into my links. n__n

Isabel said...

I feel really scared for boredom. You are going to flay its ass and pour salt in the wounds.

Poster Girl said...

I'm excited about the launch of your new website. Have a great time in Taiwan!

Miss3va said...

i love your list

"Learn how to smile correctly for a passport photo."


some photographer wont even let you smile for passport photos. mine didn't.


Caro said...

love the fierceness in the picture :) haha.. and your list is wonderful!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Haha, hilarious! Boredom must be cowering in fear round about now.

I heart milk said...

"Learn how to smile correctly for a passport photo"

this is quite a briliant idea!!

Annie said...

ahhh taiwan take me with youuu.
i want to practice my chinese!
wo ai ni. wo jiao annie. hahahah. sorry lack of characters.